6 Signs Of A Worsening Lower Back Disc Problem

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Hey, El Paso!

I’m Dr. David with El Paso Manual Physical Therapy.

We often help out people with lower back problems, especially disc related problems.

We help them to avoid that surgery for the disc and avoid being on medications while keeping up the regular activities they love to do.

I’m here to share with you the top 6 signs that you might have a worsening disc problem in your lower back.

Sign #1 – Morning Back Stiffness

Back stiffness first thing in the morning. People that have disc herniations over time, if not treated properly, begin to experience more and more stiffness in the morning.

They often say, “I just need 5, 10 minutes, sometimes 30 or 60 minutes to loosen up and feel normal again” so they can walk around, bend over, do all the things they have to do without feeling that back stiffness.

Sign #2 – Tight, Achy Hip Muscles

Tight, achy hip muscles.

We’re looking at the body right in the front of the hip right where the leg meets the body and on the side of the hip.

People often complain of tenderness or tightness in that area.

That’s related to a compensation for back problems that affect the disc.

Sign #3 – Leg Numbness, tingling and aches

Numbness, tingling and achiness that goes down into the back of the leg all the way down into the calf area and sometimes even into the arch of the foot and the toes.

If you’ve got people with numbness and tingling and achiness in those areas often have some pinch nerve problem happening up in the lower back area.

Sign #4 – Leg Cramping

Related to number three, is cramping in the back of the leg.

Sometimes people get cramping in the hamstring area and the calf area and even to the arch of the foot and toes as well.

If that’s something that frequently happens (like every day), often that’s a sign if there’s a more severe nerve problem developing as a result of that herniated disc issue.

Sign #5 – Back Pain When Turning In Bed

Discomfort in the low back when turning over in bed.

This is a very common sign that we hear about and see and people will say, “When I go to bed at night and I’m tossing and turning as I’m getting comfortable to go to sleep, I feel the back problem.”

That’s a clear indication that there’s some disc issue that is getting worse.

Sign #6 – End Of The Day Tightness

Tight achy muscles in the lower back area around the waist that get worse as the day goes on, especially if you’ve got a job where you’re sitting or standing most of the day.

That area just starts to get stiff and tight and achy by the end of the day.

A lot of people that have this problem say, “I just need to go lie down or recline in the recliner for a little while to get some relief.”

Guys, that rounds out the six signs that you got a worsening disc problem in your lower back.

If you know anybody that might be dealing with a disc problem and might have these signs, please share this video with them, tag them here so that they can get the advice on how to read if their back problem is getting worse.

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Have a wonderful day, everybody!


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