El Paso’s First No-Medication, Non-Surgical Specialists Helping People Get Off Pain Killers, Avoid Surgery To Stay Active & Healthy

This is NOT your typical physical therapy practice.

At El Paso Manual Physical Therapy we specialize in helping people in El Paso get off pain medication, avoid surgery and keep up active lifestyles.

Many people ask us and our clients “What makes you guys so special?”

You might be here because you’ve had other treatments that let you down….

Most of our clients have tried massage

They’ve done chiropractic for a while…

They’re tired of “resting it,” and taking pain medication all the time…(but the problem is still there)

Some have had surgery that didn’t work…

Many have done physical therapy in the past and didn’t get the help they needed….

BUT you are a very Health Conscious person and you know that you need attention from a Specialist.

You also would prefer to get your problem fixed NATURALLY (no pain medications and no surgery).

We are Specialist Private Physical Therapists that help people get off painkillers, avoid surgery so that they can keep doing what they love.

Hear it from our clients – Click the Orange button below to see videos of Real Clients.

Learn about:

  • Why our clients find Real, long-lasting relief.
  • Why you’re not alone and why you’ve likely been given the wrong advice.
  • See who our clients are and what they’re like.
  • How hands-on treatment (massage, joint manipulation & stretching) makes a fast difference.
  • The “little known” treatments that can make a big difference in getting relief.
  • Why skepticism about starting physical therapy exists largely because of patients getting worse during treatment because of lack of therapist knowledge in helping people with unique, chronic & complex conditions

We want you to make the best decision about physical therapy without feeling rushed or pressured into booking an appointment, so we’d like to give you a special eBook we’ve put together covering the 35 most frequently asked questions about physical therapy.

Its written exclusively for clients like you (by leading American physical therapist, Dr. David Middaugh, PT, DPT, FAAOMPT), and has been 10+ years in the making.

He’s done it by compiling all of the questions he’s ever been asked about Physical Therapy by previous clients, who were once just like you… struggling to enjoy their health and considering trying Physical Therapy, but just wanted to know more about it first, before confirming an appointment to go an see one.

It really helps YOU make the BEST decision.

The one that ensures you find a Physical Therapist that is “just right for you”. 

Maybe that’s what type of information you came looking for in the first place?