Are Tight Hips Causing Nagging Back Problems?

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I got asked online yesterday from a Facebook follower, “Are my tight hip issues contributing to my back problem?”

I went on to share with her 3 signs to check so that she could see at home if her tight hip problems were contributing to her nagging back problem.

I’m going to share with you those three signs so that you can check yourself if you’re dealing with this type of nagging back problem along with tight hips.

Sign #1

Lying flat on your back with your legs straightened out is uncomfortable for your back. If you bend up your knees and put your feet flat or just put a pillow under your knees, if that gives you relief on your back when you bend up your knees, that is a sign that your hip muscles are very short and tight in the front and yanking on your back when you let your legs lie straight.

Sign #2

Pain and tenderness on the side of the hips.

Right about where your front pocket would be or just to the side of the front pocket area, if you have tenderness or pain there, that’s a sign that those muscles are overworked and tender.

Another way to tell is if you lie on your side like when you go to lie down to sleep at night and lying on the side of your hip hurts and they’re probably contributing to your back problem.

Sign #3

The third telltale sign that you have hip problems contributing to a nagging back problem is if you’ve been sitting for a while, say 30 minutes or more watching a show or at work, then you go to stand up and walk, you feel like you’re bent over for a little while and it takes you a few minutes to stand up straight and get over that stiffness.

That is one of the most common signs if you have hip issues that are contributing to a nagging back problem.

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