Knee Pain Workshop
Check Out Our Knee Pain Workshop

Hey, El Paso, it’s Dr. David here from El Paso Manual Physical Therapy. I want to let you know about our upcoming knee pain workshop. It’s absolutely free. It’s for people that are tired of nagging knee pain, stiffness, tender spots around the knee, grinding, clicking, popping, especially if it’s painful in the knee. If you’ve got that type of knee problem and it’s stopping you from doing things that you want to do, like do chores around the house, be able to exercise, sit comfortably for as long as you want, this is the type of knee pain workshop that you want to attend!

Specifically, we’re aiming to help people that want to avoid surgery, avoid pain killers, never have to get injections in the knee, and are looking for a natural solution to fix their knee problem that’s long-lasting, that’s not just a short-term solution, but something they can keep up the rest of their life so they never ever have to have a surgery, or injections, or medications for the long term.

The workshop will be no more than an hour long. We limit it to 10 guests. We just want to make sure that we give everybody plenty of attention, give them time to ask questions and get answers to their questions, so we have to limit it to 10 at a time.

You can register in two different ways. You can call our office at 915-503-1314 and just mention that you want to attend the Knee Pain Workshop, or you can also click on the button around here and register your interest in the Knee Pain Workshop, as well. We’ll give you a call back and just make sure that there’s enough spots available to get you in.

We’ll be providing snacks and refreshments for all our guests at the Knee Pain Workshop. In addition to that, everybody’s going to get a free gift; we’ll be covering three exclusive tips for knee pain problems; we’ll give you a copy of our popular knee pain guide; and you’ll have a chance to ask a specialist physical therapist about your specific knee problem.

We hope to see you real soon at the upcoming Knee Pain Workshop. Remember, just give us a call at 915-503-1314 or click the button around here and register your interest in our workshop so we can reserve your spot and give you access to all this super helpful information for natural knee pain relief that’s long-lasting. Have a wonderful day, guys! Bye-bye!

Knee Pain Workshop

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