Massage Therapy

Do you constantly hold your stress, or tension within your body?

Are you tired of little niggling aches and pains that come from working a sedentary job, or commuting long hours?

Are you concerned you don’t have enough time to properly take care of your body, and worried that your body is becoming stiffer by the day?

Are you looking for a natural solution that does not involve taking pills, so you can start feeling looser, lighter, less stressed, and feeling like your old self again?

If that sounds like you, then you’ve come looking in the right place!

We live in a world where everyone seems to be overstressed…

    • Stress from being overworked, or having to drive in crazy traffic
    • Stress at home from family and relationships
    • Physical stress from sitting or not moving for long hours and not getting enough exercise
    • Nutritional stress from the foods we eat

But so many people tend to ‘ignore’ and underestimate the impact these stressors have on your physical, AND mental well-being.

If you are tired of feeling overwhelmed with stress, and are ready to make positive, changes to your body and your health, then you’ve come to the right place!

Massage Therapy is a 100% natural, safe, and effective remedy to reduce your stress, and improve your quality of life!

Most people think of massage as something you might enjoy when you’re on vacation, or when you are in a spa.

But clinical research has consistently proven massage therapy can also provide you with several health benefits you may not be aware of!

You see, when the body becomes chronically stressed, it releases waves of “stress hormones” into the blood stream which affects multiple parts of your body…such as your muscles, your connective tissues (known as fascia)… and even your organ function, breathing and thinking.

Chronic build-up of stress is typically associated with:

    • Chronic Inflammation which leads to poor organ function and muscle/joint pain
    • Chronic fatigue, causing you to feel sluggish, grouchy, and unable to think clearly
    • Stiffness and immobility of your muscles which make activities like walking, stretching, or exercise much more painful than it needs to be

It Doesn’t Have to be This Way!

Massage Therapy helps by relieving, cleansing, and “flushing out” the build-up of these stress-toxins out of your body.

Using hands-on techniques that help loosen up, or break-down these cells and fibers, you can expect after massage therapy to feel:

    • Reduction in your stress and anxiety so you can sleep better, be more productive and be less cranky and irritable
    • Improve your posture so you can breathe better, stand taller, and reduce tension off your shoulders
    • Reduce the effects of inflammation on your muscles and joints, which will ease pain and improve your range of motion and mobility
    • Looser, lighter, and more mobile so you can start feeling like your “old-self” again

These problems not only affect your mental state, but also your physical state. And living with pain or stiffness not only affects how you feel, but also how you think, and how you behave.

Is Massage Therapy Right For Me?

At El Paso Manual Physical Therapy, our goal is to customize, and cater our massages to you. Meaning YOU will always be in control as to WHERE you want us to focus on, and the amount of pressure you can tolerate.

We will have a discussion, prior to your massage about the areas where you are feeling pain or tightness, and fit our massage to fit you, and your body.

So whether you are:

    • Someone who is new to massage and wants to “try it out” and see if it helps
    • Someone who wants to enjoy a nice, relaxing experience and escape the stressors of daily life
    • Or if you are struggling with chronic pain and stiffness and really need someone who can get ‘deep’ into those muscle tissues

We have a place for you!

What also makes massage at El Paso Manual Physical Therapy unique, is that our massage therapists work alongside our Doctors of Physical Therapy who are specialists in dealing with musculoskeletal injuries.

Meaning, we want to make sure that your massage is not only a relaxing, enjoyable experience, but that it is also SAFE and will NOT cause you to be in more pain.

Most people, when they are looking to try massage for the first time, may be unaware of the different ‘types’ of massages that are out there.

What I’d like to do next is explain the different types of massage that exist, to fit what you may be looking for.