Nebulous Neck Pain

xray of neck pain injuryNeck pain is the second most common condition we see. Only low back pain is slightly more common and many people have both problems simultaneously.

Only low back pain is slightly more common and…..many people have both problems simultaneously. We have

many people that have both problems going on at the same time.
I have a simple solution that can INSTANTLY reduce neck pain in 75% of the cases we see.

In some situations, the advice below may be all you need to do to fix your neck pain.

If you’re in a rush, just scroll to the video below.
First, let me tell you about a client of mine, Ana who came to see us for neck pain recently. She’s 54 and lives near El Paso High School.

“I’ve had neck pain and knots in my shoulders for years.”

“I usually take Advil when it gets bad, but that doesn’t work as good as it used to anymore.”

“I’ve tried stretches I found on youtube and they help a little. I have bought 4 different pillows for sleeping at night and none have fixed my neck pain.”

“I ended up getting an MRI and the surgeon said I have arthritis and a bulging disc. He said surgery could help.”

“But I really don’t want surgery on my neck. But I’m worried that this problem won’t go away. It just keeps getting worse.”

Ana was so frustrated and emotional when she got to us. It was obvious that she was afraid to start treatment with us because she was not sure if this would now feeling so much better in Maybe this is your story. Or maybe you’ve already gone through a

She had another friend with the same neck problem that went through surgery and still had neck pain.

Make sure to ask your neck pain El Paso doctor for the best course of action for your situation.

The fact is that the neck is an intricate part of the body.

It has 5 discs, 23 joints, and over 40 muscles.

There are very important arteries and veins that pass through the region as well as the spinal cord and the nerves that go into your arms.

Any of these structures may be causing pain….


Worse yet, you might have “referred pain”. This is pain that is you feel in one area but is actually being caused by a problem somewhere else in the body.

Referred pain cannot be found with an X-Ray or MRI. It requires a hands-on examination by a neck specialist (this is what we do at El Paso Manual Physical Therapy!).

….and finding the cause of the problem isn’t always straightforward.
Proper assessment of all these parts of your neck is really hard even for the average heatlhcare worker. and can take up to 45-60 minutes. But when the right source of pain is found, then the right treatment approach becomes clear and you should begin feeling better right away.

It can take up to a 15-20 minute examination. But when the right source of pain is found, then the right treatment approach becomes clear.

This is how we people in El Paso get off pain medication, avoid surgery and keep up their active lifestyles.

So here’s my advice…FIX YOUR POSTURE!

Specifically, your neck posture.

Do you spend a lot of time looking at a computer screen or your smartphone?

If so, you likely have poor neck posture that puts your head off its balance point on your neck.

Your neck can handle this for short periods of time, but if you do it for hours each day injuries will gradually develop.

At this point, the body part that becomes injured depends on the weakest link in your individual body.

Fixing your posture is NOT hard at all because it is just a small subtle change in your sitting or standing.

The part that most people forget is….(TAKE NOTE HERE)…

You’ve got to remind yourself to keep up that posture all day.

I tell my patients to set an alarm to go off every hour, all day as a reminder to correct your neck posture.

If you can stay in better posture for most of the day, your pain will probably be a lot better.

Our clients that follow the alarms have the most dramatic reduction in their symptoms.

The truth is that not everyone’s neck pain is due to the same source. Depending on what the source of the pain is, you will need a different treatment.

If this doesn’t help your neck pain immediately, then you’ve likely got a more advanced problem going on that could use an expert’s help.

This a description and example of how to correct your neck posture. This will help avoid neck pain, especially if you have a desk job.

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