Inquire About A Physical Therapist Job Role At El Paso Manual Physical Therapy


Tired of seeing 14-20+ patients per day?

Feeling exhausted and burned out and wondering if you went into the right profession?

Sick 🤮 of playing the insurance games and doing the paperwork needed to get paid?

Are you looking for true MENTORSHIP? 

Do you get excited when you learn and grow and want to become one of the best physical therapists

Are you looking for one-to-one training weekly by a top physical therapist in the profession?  

We have the position you have been looking for!!!

About Our Company  

We are a physical therapy clinic in El Paso that focuses on empowering patients to stay active and mobile without having procedures such as surgery 🔪, taking medications 💊, or having injections 💉. 

We empower patients with education to equip them to understanding what is going on with them and what they are doing throughout the day that is creating their problem. 

We are out of network with insurance companies which means we are in control to provide the service that our clients deserve. 🌟

This creates a great lifestyle most Physical Therapist’s dream of...🤩

Some of the best perks we offer are:

  • Complete Focus on one patient at a time, as we see each patient for 30-60 minutes of one-to-one treatments. 
  • Being able to see 6-8 patients a day. Go home feeling ENERGIZED, not exhausted.
  • Mentorship by a Fellowship Trained Manual Physical Therapist. (no one offers this- It is a like a paid internship 😉. 
  • You get to use your talents and passion to make a difference in people’s lives every day. 
  • It's definitely like family feel in the office here not a corporation. 

  Who should apply for this job?  

  • Looking for mentorship to grow and learn on the job- and YES NEW GRADS can apply. 
  • You are looking to have a work- life balance. Not going home exhausted every day and trying to catch up on 15+ notes from the day. 
  • You want to learn more about Manual Physical Therapy which includes advanced joint and soft-tissue manipulation as well as advanced exercise prescription and advanced diagnostic PT skills. (It’s my evaluation and treatment process which helps me to get to the SOURCE of the problem, then quickly progress the patient to get them back to their life and the things they want to do.)
  • You do not like working for corporations, you are looking for more of a family feel.
  • You want to get on the ground floor of working for a private pay practice, so you can spend time with the patients and not the paperwork and headaches of dealing with insurance companies.
  • Patients love working with you because you like to listen to their needs and adjust the programs based on your conversations. NO cookie cutter programs.  

What Are We Looking For?  

  • Someone who loves to learn and wants to have a better understanding of Manual Physical Therapy 
  • You should be licensed to practice in the State of Texas. 
  • Someone who can build trust with patients quickly and is motivated to improve the relationships with patients. 
  • Someone who listens and wants to collaborate as a team and is always striving to make themselves better. 
  • Someone who is not camera shy (not a deal breaker) as we like to do videos and share content on social media.
  • Someone who likes to eventually hold small workshops to share education with potential clients.

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