Below are affiliate links to products that El Paso Manual Physical Therapy highly recommends.

**Please note that you should consult your physical therapist prior to using these products.**

I will earn a commission should you purchase any product on this page.

Mueller Lumbar Back Support
CDN Timer
Serola Hip Belt

Here is a low back brace that we recommend for lumbar support. Please do not use this brace as a means to an end of your back pain. It is intended to help you only during times of flare ups. The timer is suggested for use with increasing your posture. Please see the associated blog posts featuring this brace and timer.

Dirty Words – Degenerative Disc Disease Low Back Pain and Physical Therapy

Sunlite Forza

If you wish to pursue cycling, here are 3 options of bikes that we recommend. The 3rd is a bike trainer that you can use to convert your outdoor bike into a stationary bike. Be sure to also get a riser block to stabilize your front wheel!

Below is a link to an article highlighting an El Paso Manual Physical Therapy patient and elite cyclist Margaret O’Kelley.

Braking, Cornering and Shifting 101

Green #4
WristWidget Black
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