5 Mistakes Made When Solving Back Problems

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Hey El Paso!

I’m Dr. David with El Paso Manual Physical Therapy.

I’m going to share with you today the “Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Trying To Fix Their Back Problem On Their Own.”

1st Mistake: Giving It Time.

Although time might allow the back problem to feel a little better as the days and weeks go on, it never addresses the root cause of the problem.

So when people get back to being active again after they’ve taken some time to rest, the problem comes back, sometimes worse.

2nd Mistake: Relying On Pain Medications To Solve The Back Problem.

Medications mask pain and allow you to keep going on a little further, a little longer, but the underlying root problem is still there.

Medications do not make your joints looser or your muscles stronger.

They don’t make you move better, they simply mask the problem and help reduce inflammation.

3rd Mistake: Blaming It On Age.

Yes, as we age, it gets a little harder to heal.

It takes a little bit longer as well.

But what if you can get 10%, 20%, 50% better from where you’re at right now?

Maybe the pain won’t go away completely, but what would life be like if you were 50 percent better than you are right now?

Age does not stop you from getting better.

4th Mistake: Exercising Before You Do Hands-On Treatment.

What this means is there are tons of people that go to YouTube, go to the internet, and they look up exercises for their back problem, or they find exercises that their friends may have done for their friend’s back problem.

The problem with this is some exercises are good for certain back conditions but may hurt other back conditions.

Many times, people are doing the wrong exercises, and they’re doing them at the wrong time.

If your joints are stuck or not positioned correctly, if the tissues aren’t mobile enough to correctly perform an exercise, it’s actually a waste of time and can make your back problem worse.

This happens very frequently.

5th Mistake: Thinking Physical Therapy Won’t Work For You.

This is a lot like saying, “Well, if I have a toothache, the dentist isn’t going to do anything.”

Physical therapy is known to help back pain so much.

There are lots of studies that show that physical therapy is the #1 solution for long-term back problems.

If you’re interested in physical therapy because you’re tired of taking pain medications, you never want to have a surgery and you want to continue to be active and healthy, please reach out to us.

You can give us a call!

We’d be happy to talk to you to see if there’s a possibility to stop taking pain medications, stop having to get injections and avoid having to visit the surgeon for your back problem.

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